Puff Pastry

Traditional Greek Pies
by GR Foods
...the art of pie!!!



Food safety is our priority and the pillar of our corporate culture.

The Mediterranean diet

“It is transmitted from generation to generation and especially through the family environment, provides a sense of “belonging”, but also of sharing to those who live around the Mediterranean basin. It constitutes an element of their identity, and constitutes a space for dialogue and participation.”

The Mediterranean diet was recognized as an element of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Why Choose Us?

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

Gr Foods brings only the best traditional and delicious Greek pies made with unique handmade recipes with selective Greek ingredients such as feta cheese, olive oil and vegetables.

Gr Foods ambition is to safeguard the health of our customer’s clientele. All our partners are certified with ISO, HACCP,IFS and BRC.